Ghost Ship 

There are few things deadlier than space. From the first moments humanity hurled itself out into the dark, people have died in the cold and lonely void. But there’s no rest to be found among the stars. Beyond the edges of our planet, spirits cannot pass on, and the spectres of explorers past now haunt every corner of our star system. That’s where you come in. It’s your job to find ghosts, to contain them, bring them home to Earth. It’s dirty, thankless, often dangerous work, and more than a few ghosters find themselves joining their quarry. Still, it’s a living.

This is a system-neutral setting. It gives you all the details on the world, the player characters’ role within it, and contains a suggested mini-campaign and adventure ideas. However, you won’t find any rules, character sheets, or instructions to “Roll your Diplomacy”, “Take 2 Wounds” or similar. This is intended to be a playground where you can use whatever system you and your group feels most comfortable with. This may mean it requires a some extra preparation in terms of working out the necessary numbers, especially if you’re using a more stats-focused system, but we promise, even if you just jump right in and make it up on the fly, you’ll have a great time.

Ghost Ship is the first of our monthly micro-settings. You can find more of our settings and campaigns on our Patreon.