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What is GameAble?

GameAble is an online space for creators and disabled or neuroatypical tabletop RPG players to share knowledge and ideas, to create a gaming community that’s open to everyone.

What’s it got to do with MacGuffin & Co.?

The project was started and is currently led by Sasha Sienna, one of MacGuffin & Co.’s partners. Besides that, we as a company firmly believe that games are for everyone - it’s why we do accessibility consultancy, and why we offer fully accessible PDF versions of all our micro-settings - so we want to share our knowledge with other creators. GameAble gives us a way to do that.

How can I get involved?

GameAble is still in its very early stages and, while Sasha has some plans for how it will grow, it’s ultimately a community that will evolve on its own. For now, the best way to get involved is to join the Discord server but keep an eye out for more at


Whether you’re a gamer with access needs or a creator, join the Discord server at

PDF How-to

Coming Soon
We make accessible PDF versions of all our micro-settings, and we’re working on a shareable how-to guide for other indie RPG creators. We don’t claim to have the best way to do this; as we struggled to find this information when we started out, our aim is simply to share our own process in case it’s helpful to others.