We create games that tell stories.

We currently specialise in narrative tabletop roleplaying games but we also design and consult on board games, card games, social games and all other sorts of analogue storytelling and play.

The free games on our website - Zero Void, Murder Express and Happy Birthday Dracula - are a great place to start. More of our work can be found via our Patreon and you can hear more about our upcoming projects on the ‘News’ page of our website, or by signing up to our newsletter (we will never share your details and will only get in touch once a month).

Who are we?

Sasha Sienna

Sasha specialises in narrative structure and investigative games. She loves collaborative storytelling and creating rich worlds for players to explore.

Jonathan Sims

Jonny has been writing and designing games for over ten years and has a passion for storytelling and cross-genre work. He specialises in system design and procedural, interlocking narrative forms.